HIV is not an End

Case Study - HIV is not an end

Life seems to be blank for Salema when she gets her HIV status positive! Till days she was fighting with poverty only, but now this dreadful medical condition makes her so feared, as she came to know that she has to be dependant on ARV medicine only.

Not only her, her husband and her only son were also detected positive. It was 2014. Salema cried all days and night.  It seems all her dreams came to an end as she was not even sure how long she can survive. The doctor of the hospital said she was DOTS positive. She cannot understand the terms but when her coughing has not stopped, she guesses it might something serious.

“This cannot happen to me” as she thinks it so many times and tries to looks every possible way to overcome this nightmare! Eventually, in the same week, she came to contact with few people who dedicated themselves to the Care and Support programme of HIV positive.

Salima was surprised to know that there were so many women like her, who was HIV positive, and they still living with this status quite happily. That day she decided not to cry anymore. She starts taking her medicines regularly, consulted with Doctors, did all the tests and finally after getting over from TB a year later.

Meanwhile, she built up a rapport with the CSC group of people; make them understand her need and financial situation. CSC team starts a monthly food ration for her and her child. Salema knows she has to live long for her child and for this she has to take lifelong medicine. She is not fear anymore. It is well accepted by her that she is HIV positive but does not mean to be an end!

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