National Girl Child Day India, 24th January

Introduction of writer: This blog is shared by Ms Kriti Rathore an avid reader, passionate blogger and globe trotter. Academically Ms. Rathore is MSc in Supply Chain Management from UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School , Dublin-Ireland. She has worked as Ocean Pricing Coordinator at DB Schenker, Dublin -Ireland. At present she is stay home mother by choice and looking after her toddler in India.

National Girl Child Day India, 24th January
No matter where a girl lives, she is always at risk – community, school, or home. To keep these factors in consideration, national girl child day is celebrated every year on 24th January in India. This day was commenced in the year 2008 by the ministry of women and child development and the Government of India to spread awareness about injustice and inequality faced by girls at every stage in Indian society.

Today, I am thinking of my friend Pallavi and her struggle. She was my neighbor when my father was posted in Gujrat. Often, she would say what did I do to deserve such humility and lack of support?
Pallavi was a bright student. I remember her getting full marks in mathematics. Nonetheless, her father belonged to an orthodox Gujarati family and did not allow her to continue studies after the twelfth standard. She had a brother who was one year elder. His father’s every penny and focus were on educating him. Why? Just because he was a boy?

Fondness towards son is not a new thing in India’s patriarchal society. Even today, many people out there affirm boys as an investment whereas girls as a liability!

However, Pallavi was determined and focused. She left the house and went to live with her acquaintance in some other state. When I last spoke to her one year back, she was a practicing nurse in a government hospital. She remarked, they might have shaken my soul by not providing me basic education but they could not shatter my willpower and determination. The best advocate for a girl’s rights is the girl herself.

Through this story, I want to elucidate that there are so many Pallavi’s amongst us. Some might be a friend, sisters, mothers, relatives, domestic help, etc.

According to the National Family Health Survey-5(NFHS-5), the country has now 1020 females per 1000. However, the girl child is still denied basic education, health, and nutrition.

National girl child day is celebrated to spread awareness amongst communities about inequalities confronted by girls. Also, to promote awareness about the right to girl education which is often denied. And, last but not least to make them aware of nutrition and health.

Thank you Kriti
Team NCPI+ conveys gratitude to Ms. Kriti Rathore for her valuable contribution to the organization and look forward for such relevant write ups on the social and human right issues.

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