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National Coalition of People Living with HIV In India


NCPI+ was evolved from a 2-Day National Consultation with the involvement PLHIV representatives.

PLHIV representatives from 26 (twenty-six) States including 5 (five) founder members of the PLHIV movement in India were involved in a two-day National Consultation to create NCPI Plus. The Governing Executive Board consists of 9 (nine) Executive Board Members from 6 (six) regions i.e. East, Northeast, South, North, West, and Central across the country.

NCPI+ is registered with the Society Registration Act 1860 and its Registration no. S/978/districts South, New Delhi Currently, the office is at H.No-204-A, First Floor, Sant Nagar, East of Kailash, Delhi-110065. Ph-011 64002700

Registered under society registrar ACT 1956, the coalition has its own Human Resource Policy, Finance Policy, Policy for Sexual Harassment at the workplace, and Child Protection Policy.



NCPI focuses on health activists to strengthen care, support, treatment, and prevention response of the country by improving the quality of life of individuals and families to control HIV.NCPI+ have increased geography coverage by 29 state level networks and 376 district level network of people living with HIV across the nation. At the state level we are providing technical support to all sub-sub recipient partners and district level network by giving the handhold support for program management and organization development.

Enhancing the capacity of district and state-level networks by building the capacity to increase their knowledge and update information for new treatment guidelines and progress for advanced diagnosis for HIV and TB.

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