To increase the uptake of PPTCT services in the project area

Mother to child transmission is a major cause of HIV in children. AHANA, a flagship national programme, is working for a world where no child is born with HIV/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). It focuses on the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV. More than 50% of India’s pregnancies occur in villages and blocks, where the availability of HIV testing in health facilities remains a challenge.


Ahana Strategies To Ensure:

Linkage of Positive Pregnant Women to ART
  • Ahana outreach team, comprising of Project Officer (4district each) and Field Officers/ districts)
  • The Ahana Outreach Team works in close coordination with NHM, SACS, ICTC, FICTC and ARTC point person.
  • As soon as a pregnant woman is found ‘reactive’, information is received by the Ahana outreach team. Field Officer (FO) accompanies the PPW for confirmation
  • Post confirmation, FO regularly follows up each PPW ensuring linkage with treatment, adherence to treatment, and guide the client for antenatal care, safe delivery, birth preparedness and newborn care of HIV exposed infants.
  • Minimum 5 follow up visits are made by the FO with each Positive Pregnant Woman.
virological test for HIV exposed infants within 2 months of birth
  • To ensure that EID blood sample collection centres are available near to the community, Ahana Supported training of SAICTC LTs on drawing of a blood sample for the virological test, in the districts.
  • A Monthly ‘due list’ of HIV exposed babies eligible for virological test, within 2months of birth is generated.
  • Weekly follow up of progress
  • Close follow up of HIV exposed infant, for virological test, starts from the 50th day after birth. The objective of the follow up is to prepare the parents of the newborn, to ensure timely virological test
  • FO’s coordinates with the LT of SA-ICTC, ensuring the availability of DBS cards.
HIV test of Partners/Spouses of Positive Pregnant Women
  • Advocate with PPWs to get the details about partners/spouses.
  • Follow up with Partners/Spouses and convince them for testing, if already not tested.

Principal Recipient - Plan India