RFP for Care Support Center (CSC) in Gondia

Organization: Network of Maharashtra By People Living with HIV/AIDS

Apply By: 06th May 2024

Network of Maharashtra by People Living With HIV/AIDS – (NMP+)


 I:  Introduction

India HIV/AIDS Alliance (Alliance India) as Principal Recipient (PR) has been awarded the Grant funded by Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM), for the programme known as Vihaan (which means Dawn’s First Light) care and support programme for People Living with HIV across India.

II: Background of the programme:

India revised care and support strategies in 2013 under NACP IV and under new strategy, National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) is providing all treatment including treatment for opportunistic infections through Govt. health care facilities and a civil society organization will provide care and support services to all needy PLHIV. India Country Coordination Mechanism (CCM) selected India HIV/AIDS Alliance as Principal Recipient (PR) to implement care and support programme across the country.

The programme is being named as ‘Vihaan’ (Sanskrit word which means dawn’s first light) is providing care and support services to needy PLHIV since June 2013. Till March 2024, the programme has reached to 24,13,000 PLHIV provided with care & support services through 310 care and support centres. The programme is being implemented in close coordination with NACO, SACS and ART centres at national, state and district level respectively.

Alliance India has received the approval from Global Fund for continuation of programme from April 2024 to March 2027. During this period, care and support centres (CSCs) exclusively supported by Global Fund will be functional to cater the service needs of PLHIV enrolled in ART centres across the country.

Network of Maharashtra by People Living with HIV/AIDS (NMP+) is a Sub Recipient for Maharashtra and Goa State and is providing the hand holding support to the 40 CSCs and will be collecting the applications of the interested NGOs/CBOs

III: Objectives of Vihaan:

Vihaan programme has evolved over a period of time as one of the good models of community-based care and support programme supporting national HIV programme through enhancing the quality of life of PLHIV.

The specific objectives of Vihaan include:

  • To accelerate HIV prevention and promote testing through innovative approaches: virtual platforms, use of Artificial Intelligence, Incarcerated & hard-to-reach key populations, index client and Youth
  • Eliminate vertical transmission of HIV and Syphilis among HIV positive pregnant women and exposed Infant
  • To increase retention of PLHIV on ART through intensified peer-led outreach by tracking
  • To increase community-led monitoring and accountability through sustainable community systems.
  • To augment viral load testing to improve coverage and to reach the third 95 targets by 2027.


IV: What are Care Support Centres?

Care and support centres (CSCs) are friendly places where PLHIV receive information on care and support, access to a range of health referrals, education and linkages to social welfare schemes and entitlements.

Apart from these, clients will be able to access the services including counselling services, resting, recreational facilities, entertainment etc. The team at the CSCs would also conduct home visits for the registered clients on their convenience and agreed timing to provide information and treatment education, adherence, any health referrals not only to the registered clients, but the family, which would be taken as a unit for information, education and referrals especially to social welfare schemes and entitlements. Building on the lessons learnt from the programmatic experience since inception, the programme will now adopt provision of differentiated care and support services to different categories of clients.

For more details of functions of a CSC and other details, please visit: NACO CSC guidelines

CSC: Key features

  1. Providing services to priority clients. (To be initiated, newly initiated clients, MIS and LFU)
  2. Community based screening
  3. ART refilling at CSC
  4. Linkages to social schemes and entitlements of priority clients.
  5. TB screening of priority list.
  6. Family member screening/testing for HIV.
  7. Services to TB-HIV comorbidity clients, clients on 2nd line & 3rd line ART, clients with less than 200 CD4 /more than 1000 copies of viral load.
  8. ICTC gap linkage
  9. Community system strengthening
  10. Special focus on registered adolescents, KPs and children in CSC.


V: Management of CSCs

Any Non-Govt. Organization (NGO) or Community Based Organization (CBO) who have legal entity, with the appropriate expertise of implementing HIV programmes at district or state level and presence in the district where application has been called for are eligible to apply. Discontinued NGOs/CBOs are not eligible to apply.

The core area of CSC’s work is linking PLHIV into various services. Hence the agency should have excellent rapport with all key stakeholders in the district and proven leverage skills. Therefore, a track record of working successfully with the local PLHIV community/KP groups and proven experience of effective advocacy with SACS/DAPCU or local government for treatment or care of PLHIV will be advantage.

VI: Details of the RFP 

There is a need of replacement of SSR Partner at below mentioned one District in Maharashtra. 

S.N District State ART Centre CSC Type
1 Pune Maharashtra BJMC, Yerawada, AFMC, Bharti, Nawale, NARI ARTC Replacement of SSR Partner


NMP Plus invites request for proposal from the agencies/Organisation to be submitted to NMP Plus. Later in consultation with the respective State AIDS Control Society and PR representatives, NMP Plus will identify potential applicants and shortlist (as per the selection criteria given below) from the concerned districts for the site assessment.

Eligibility Criteria for NGO/CBO Setting Up CSC

  • Organisation that has been discontinued are not eligible to apply.
  • The agency should be a non-profit organization and legally registered under The Societies Registration Act of 1860 or an equivalent Act of a State; or The Charitable and Religious Act of 1920; or Indian Trusts Act of 1882; or an equivalent Act of a State; or Section 25 C Company ACT
  • It should have a clearly defined organizational structure.
  • It should have established administrative and management systems.
  • It should have sound financial track record with an established financial management system (latest three years audit reports and audited accounts required in case of NGOs and one year report for CBOs).
  • It should have a minimum of three years’ experience in managing public health programmes or allied programmes in health.
  • Experience in the field of HIV/AIDS, especially in the area of care and support, will be an added benefit.
  • The organisation should have been working for minimum three years in case of NGOs and one year in case of CBOs and have a good track record in providing services.
  • Readiness to make available adequate infrastructure deemed necessary to carry out all the activities planned in CSC.

The RFP is open from: 30th of April 2024

Applicants wishing to respond to this RFP are required to submit their applications in the prescribed format (Form 1) with supporting documents by or before 6 pm on 6th May 2024, Form 1 is available as Annexure A.

Applications received after the above date and time shall be summarily rejected.

All eligible applications received shall be carefully appraised and assessed, considering all details provided in the prescribed format.

The appraisal process shall inter alia consider:

  1. HIV experience of organization in district, where applying for SSR
  2. Financial Systems
  3. Governance and management systems
  4. Depth of work in the area of care and support, social protection, stigma reduction and advocacy
  5. Level and nature of involvement of PLHIV in the organisation
  6. Linkages of the organisation with SACS/DAPCU
  7. Monitoring and evaluation experience and systems
  8. Successful district level advocacy


Site visit for the detailed appraisal as mentioned will be carried out by a Joint Appraisal Team (JAT) comprising of representatives from NMP Plus, representative from PR and respective SACS.

The JAT team shall visit shortlisted agencies on any day during 07th to 25th May 2024 for detailed site assessment. Due to tight timeframes, the team may not be able to give some shortlisted organisations more than a days’ notice for the proposed site assessment.

Requests for change of dates shall not be entertained due to the limited timeframe for this exercise.

Shortlisted organizations shall be required to cooperate with JAT team by providing detailed information regarding organizational functions, structure and/or arranging meetings with the top management team, details of on-going and/or concluded projects executed for any donor agency, management systems, community involvement, outreach of the organization, etc.

Shortlisted organizations failing to provide or cooperate with the above information needs, including due scrutiny of documents and/or interviews with management and/or staff, shall be automatically considered ineligible for final selection.




Submission of Proposals

S. No. Item                Information
1. Full Name of Organization (as per registration document)  
2. Registered Office Address (Please provide complete address with PIN Code)  
3. Telephone Number/s  
4. Legal Status (Please specify whether Registered Society/Trust/Section 25Company/Other)  
5. (1) Registration No. and Date:

(2) Place of Registration and Other Details:

 (Please append self-attested copy of Certificate of Incorporation/Registration to this application form)

6. Name of the Director/President/Head of the Organisation  
7. Name and Designation of Contact Person(s)  
8. Mobile No. and Email ID of Contact Person(s)  
9. Total number of paid staff working full time  
10. Names of districts in state (same state as SSR application) where organisation has programmes  

Applicants are required to ensure that soft copy of their applications in Form 1 is received by NMP Plus via email to the id given below by or before 6 pm on 6th May 2024 for the initial screening of applications:

*Note: Telephone calls will not be entertained for any reference and this may disqualify the NGO from the application process.

Annexure A Form – 1

Name of State where applying for SSR Maharashtra
Name of District where applying for SSR (as per Annexure A)  Pune




(Note: This is a self-administered form. Please fill ALL sections of the form and provide supporting evidence, where mentioned. Supporting evidence MUST be self-attested by an authorised signatory. Please mention section and item no on evidence provided.  If required, please use additional pages. Only forms that have been accurately filled in its entirety will be considered)


S.No. Item Response Please Attach Supporting Documents
Section  A
1. The organisation has been operational for at least two years in the district where applying for  SSR
  • Yes
  • No
Annual Report / Financial report for 2020- 2021 & 2021 -2022, 2022- 2023
2. Bank account exists in the name of the organization
  • Yes
  • No
Copy of bank passbook showing A/c name and address
3. At least two signatories are required for all banking transactions
  • Yes
  • No
Name and designation of authorised signatories
4. Organization is registered with income tax authorities as charitable organization (registered under Sections 12A OR 80G of Income Tax Act 1961)
  • Yes
  • No
Copy of registration certificate
5. Organization has Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  • Yes
  • No
Copy of PAN Card
6. Executive committee/ board/trustee formed through a democratic process
  • Yes
  • No
Latest copy of meeting minutes from last one year (Not earlier than April 2022)
7. Annual turnover/grant portfolio in each of the  last 2 years
  • More than 2 lakh
  • Less than 2 lakh
Audited financial statements for each of the last 2 years

2021-2022, 2022-2023

8. The organisation receives grants from :
  • Government
  • Private sector
  • NGOs
  • Individual donations
  • Others, pls. specify
9. The organisation has been blacklisted by a government agency or funding withdrawn by a donor

NOTE: Ticking Yes will not necessarily disqualify the applicant. However, withholding information may constitute reason for rejection of application


  • Yes
  • No
 Please provide details






10. The organisations activities have been evaluated by SACS
  • Yes
  • No, skip to Section B




Organisation activity evaluated by SACS
  • DIC
  • CCC
  • DLN
  • GIPA Project
  • Stigma reduction
  • TI
Copy of evaluation/s with score


Section B
1. Salary to staff paid through cheque
  • Yes
  • No
Copy of bank statements
2. Appointment letters issued to all staff with job description and signed copies kept by HR
  • Yes
  • No
Copy of appointment letter
Section C
1. Period that the organization has been implementing HIV programmes in the district for where applied as SSR
  • > 3 years
  • > 2 years
  • < 2 Years
Annual Report/ programme documentation
2. The HIV activities of the organisation cater to
  • MSM
  • Sex workers
  • IDU & partners
  • TGs/Hijra
  • Truckers
  • Migrants

Others, pls specify

Project contract documents
3. The HIV focus of the organisation is on
  • HIV prevention
  • HIV care and support
  • Stigma reduction
  • Advocacy


3.A The organisation provides counselling on issues of positive prevention, family planning, couple-counselling, and maternal health
  • Yes
  • No


3.B The organisation works on  treatment literacy


  • Yes
  • No


3.C The organisation conducts activities to improve the adherence level for people taking ARV
  • Yes
  • No


4 The organisation conducts HIV related advocacy at district level
  • Yes
  • No


Please provide evidence of successful advocacy efforts
5. The organisation currently facilitates access for PLHIV to social entitlement schemes/welfare services
  • Yes
  • No
Annual report/program reports
6. The organisation has experience of providing home based care to PLHIV and their families
  • Yes
  • No
Annual report/program documentation
7. Organisation provides information on access to treatment, education  and adherence
  • Yes
  • No
Programme documentation
8. Organisation provides psychosocial counselling to PLHIV & their families
  • Yes
  • No
Annual report/program documentation
9. Organization has referrals and linkages for PLHIV to avail legal aid services in the district
  • Yes
  • No
Program documentation
10.. Organization regularly participates in the district level co-ordination meetings with DAPCU, SACS & ART coordination; other line department’s e.g.  TSU, STRC Or is member of academic committee/empaneled with SACS
  • Yes
  • No
Program documentation, invitation letter, meeting minutes



11. In case of NGOs, organisation has  referrals and linkages with local level PLHIV networks
  • Yes
  • No



12 Organization addresses issues of stigma and discrimination reported at the district or taluka level
  • Yes
  • No
Please provide evidence
Section D
1. The organisation routinely collects data and submits  monthly/quarterly reports on time to donor
  • Yes
  • No
Copy of monthly/quarterly reports from last 6 months
2. Organisation maintains confidentiality of all clients
  • Yes
  • No
Section E
1. PLHIV are involved in the decision making in your organisation
  • Yes
  • No
Meeting minutes
2. Organisation has paid full time staff openly living with HIV
  • Yes
  • No


3. Organisation has board members openly living with HIV
  • Yes, some members
  • All members
  • No members
Section F: Operational Plan

Please describe in no more than two pages:  (Please use font Ariel Size 11 with a line spacing of 1.5 and all four margins of 2.54cms)

1)      Activities that your organisation will conduct to make CSC a safe space for PLHIV from high risk groups (HRG – including FSWs, MSM, Transgender, Hijras and IDUs) to access information and services

2)      Outreach strategy to reach loss to follow up cases and to address treatment adherence of PLHIV, including orphans and vulnerable children

3)      Mechanisms at CSC to ensure that PLHIV and their families receive social protection/entitlement benefits from various government schemes

4)      Plans for meaningful involvement of PLHIV from HRG in the programme

5)      What are the constraints or hurdles for PLHIV to access care and support services and how do you plan to address them?

6)      Please provide details of any innovation/unique approach that your organisation has been responsible for in the area of care and support



Section G: UNDERTAKING (By authorised office bearer)

I (name)_____________________________ in my capacity as (Designation)_____________ of (organisation Name)_______________________________________________________

do hereby undertake that should my organisation be selected as SSR, the organization will establish a CSCs within 15 days of confirmation, no more than 2kms radius from of a major ART centre in the district

I have been duly authorized by the Board /Executive or Managing Committee/Trustees of  (organisation Name)_____________________________________ to sign this undertaking.

Signature :                             ______________________

Name of Authorized Person  ______________________

Designation                           ______________________

Section H: UNDERTAKING (By authorised office bearer)

I _____________________________ in my capacity as ___________________ of ___________________________________________________________________

do hereby undertake that should my organisation be selected as SSR, the organization will work with any organisation that has been selected as Sub-Recipient for the State/Region to effectively implement the project.

I have been duly authorized by the Board /Executive or Managing Committee/Trustees of  ____________________________ to sign this undertaking.

Signature:                             ______________________

Name of Authorized Person ______________________

Designation                           ______________________

Please Note:

If the applicant is already running a CSC in the same district, provide answers to the following questions:

1   Name of the district and state where the CSC is located:

  1. Name of the ART centre to which CSC is currently attached with:
  2. What is the total no. of clients registered in the CSC as on 31stMarch 2023
  3. Provide the list of staff in place with details of joining dates.




Project Period (month & year) Name of Project* Source of Funding Amount (in Rs.) List of Key Project Activities Major Outcomes/ Outputs of the Project Identify Specific Activities Similar to TORs/Scope of Work for SSRs Geographical Area of Activities Mentioned in Column 5 (mention districts) Specify Project Involvement with PLHIV/ PLHIV Networks, if any
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


* Please provide details of projects for the past three years

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